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Joint Learning Agenda for UHC Nigeria is multi-country learning hub for universal health coverage advocates in West African countries.

Since inception in 2021, the coalition has mobilized and trained more than 50 advocates in health financing and advocacy across the country. Co-convened in Gem Hub Initiative and Journalists Against AIDS, the network has since been at the forefront of major UHC efforts and successes, including the passage of the reformed national health insurance law.

As a learning hub with the concentration of the brightest minds across various organizations, our work not only strengthen frontline advocacy for UHC initiatives and hold stakeholders accountable to UHC commitments, but also connect with the larger populace with tailored messages that drive citizens participation and demand for UHC.
If you are an advocate, donor or an interested citizen, feel free to explore our resources or attend our future programs. Either way, we hope that our work inspires you to join us bridge capacity and information gaps in UHC advocacy in Nigeria.

Our Articles

An Open Letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Honorable Minister of Education on the Urgent Need to Address the State of Education in the Country.
Training On Universal Health Coverage, Health Financing And Budget Advocacy In Nigeria. – Joint Learning Agenda
Promotion Of Adolescent And Young Peoples Health Care In Nigeria
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Abuja Nigeria – 24 January 2024. As we celebrate World Education Day today, a shadow hangs over our nation: the shadow of MILLIONS OF OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN. With an estimated 10.5

In a bid to develop and provide training and support on budget advocacy and accountability in order to enhance health financing and UHC, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis

Health should be seen as an investment and not an expenditure. More specifically, investment in adolescent and young people’s health is one of the smartest things any government would do.

We know that there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. We choose to show that we believe in

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