About Us

The Gem Hub initiative started operations on the 12th of April 2021. It was registered in June of the same year with the mandate to support young people. Our thematic areas are Health, Education, and Empowerment. Since then, we have collaborated with several development partners, government, and other stakeholders to promote and improve the health and well-being of young people.

We seek to create platforms that equip, prepare and nurture young people to be healthy and productive. This will be done by addressing: the gaps in the education system; haphazard programming of young people’s health; issues relating to employment and entrepreneurship; and the decadence in moral values, leveraging powerfully on technology.

Our Vision

A world where young people are in a state of total wellbeing (body, soul and spirit), contributing effectively to the development of nations.

Our Mission

Implement strategic and innovative programs that promote the general wellbeing and productivity of young people through collaborations, policy advocacies and partnerships with young people themselves and relevant partners.

Our Nuances

We do the deep work, we know humans are complex and so are their needs. We design and implement contextual programmes for a transformative experience with lasting impact.

Our Believe

Stakeholders need to urgently position the next generation strategically for any significant development to be seen in Africa. This positioning should be holistic, as no intervention should be done in Isolation.

Our Core Values


We see everything with the lens called “young people”.


We are true to our words. We genuinely seek to make a change and raise change-makers.

Nation Building

We know that real development in individuals translates to national development.


We go the extra mile to deliver value effectively and efficiently.


We are here to serve.

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